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So when thinking about the role of conversational AI and bots, look beyond the virtual assistant and explore the use cases where conversations intersect with the process, and how these can be more automated and more intelligent. We have seen tremendous improvement in our performance metrics since deploying Nividous Smart Bots to automate the manual smartbot labor involved in the customer service operations. We plan to scale up the solution for other processes and expand the use of the Smart Bots for different departments. Easily manage, update, and create content with banking-specific knowledge management tools such as content approval processes & workflows, audit history and detailed reporting.

I am a business solutions professional with over 12 years experience across Telecoms, ICT, BPO and engineering fields. I have worked with and led teams in accomplishing milestones in demanding environments. Typical use cases for RPA are in areas such as processing billing transactions in high volumes, managing consumption metering, and compiling customer records.

customer support smartbots

It can be set up in minutes using ready-to-use healthcare templates, but it can also be customized for complex workflows. We are so confident in our platform, people and process that we guarantee your satisfaction and remove your risk of getting locked into a long-term contract.

AI systems have the ability to interpret customers’ responses and compare them to historical data, which reduces the chances of a bot misunderstanding questions and offering incorrect solutions. As a result, these AI systems can provide personalized pop-ups, chat interactions or email messages that help to keep the customer engaged in the sales process and guide them to the best product offering. The success of these personalized sales assistants — what is increasingly being called conversational commerce — is leading many e-commerce companies to adopt AI agents as part of their sales ecosystem. Because customer support chatbots have no emotional intelligence, for better or worse, they can always use a helpful tone when dealing with customers. Companies are finding this disarming approach to be useful when dealing with disgruntled customers. Unlike humans, chatbots can keep a consistent mood, don’t get flustered by a customer’s tone or negative comments, and don’t have personal biases that may come out in conversations. AI-enabled chatbots are helping enterprises improve their customer service functions by automating some tasks, enabling human workers to focus on what really matters.

Insurer Uses Nividous Smart Bots To Allow Customer Service Automation

Bots can solve the most common, rote, and routine customer service — which makes up 80 percent of a contact center’s inbound requests — fast, which drives high levels of customer satisfaction and indirectly helps maximize LTV. Where companies have tried to apply AI, usually in the form of speech recognition technologies he says, it’s been disastrous. The first generation of bot technology, deployed over the last four or five years, were all built on a classic AI approach and on NLP, with disappointingly low accuracy levels. Foreign exchange reserves But nobody could bring any service to production with these NLP bots. SmartBotHub™ solves tough challenges and unearths new opportunities for enterprises with customer care and digital marketing programs. AI bots are readily capable of gathering basic customer information and answering product questions or general company questions, such as the hours of operation. These bots are also learning to anticipate customers’ needs by remembering conversations and using that information to deliver more custom-tailored content.

Companies like Microsoft and Amazon are seizing the opportunity to digitize their entire contact center operation by moving to messaging-based technologies that feature “dumb bots,” that streamline the entire process and slash costs. The problem is that companies still haven’t evolved as much as consumers have, Tripathy explains. While consumers have moved on from the phone to very modern digital experiences, brands are still too often completely disconnected from them. Customer service is still essentially a legacy experience, where consumers are forced to call, then wait, listening to elevator music, and then be interrogated by a human being. One comprehensive platform means simplicity and cost savings to any enterprise. Customers often feel paralyzed by an overabundance of options when making a purchasing decision.

customer support smartbots

Instead, the conversation has to be within the same chat window, and just the control should move from chatbot to live agent and vice versa. Chatbots are change makers, and they define how customers connect to a brand and organization today. More and more companies are already using technology with their valued customers. For the uninitiated, a chatbot is an app that engages with customers via a chat interface and runs according to pre-programmed rules. Our smart bots engage customers with proactive self-service actions. SOCi SmartBot™ combines advanced machine learning and natural language processing to deliver a localized and conversational chatbot experience — across every location. SmartBots is looking for one experienced international agent who will be online during the hours of 11pm to 8am SLT and will be able to respond to IMs as well as take live chat requests from customers on our website.

How To Take Your Responses To Reviews And Social Engagements From Days To Minutes

In industries like energy and utilities, regulatory requirements often drive the need for rules-based process management, which can be automated with RPA. Kaushal comes to Nividous from Progress Software where he was the Vice President, South Asia and headed Field operations as well as Shared Services that included Global Professional Services and Customer Support out of India. Kaushal joined Savvion in 1995 as one of the earliest employees and worked with high technology leaders including Fujitsu, IBM and Computer Associates for incorporating cutting edge technology into their products.

customer support smartbots

It’s just a matter of time before bots become the norm for all customer-facing organizations. Perhaps we might even grow to prefer bot interactions over the less efficient and knowledgeable humankind. Bots have also shown they make fewer errors than their human counterparts. Machines are great at being trained, following rules, and processing and analyzing large amounts of data.


For example, RPA could be applied in the billing process, generating high volumes of customer invoices by downloading utility consumption data and customer information from back-office systems, eliminating the need for any human intervention. Chatbots always involve some form of conversational interaction, via either voice-activated or messaging interfaces. RPA, on the other hand, can be applied to a discrete process that does not involve any type of user chat or interactions. But when you look at the use cases for intelligent automation, the lines between RPA and smart bots can overlap or intersect considerably.

Front-end your live chat solutions with a chatbot that deflects the high-volume questions, but allows agent intervention when your customers need human assistance. SmartBotHub™ is an omnichannel, highly agile platform that connects enterprise applications and services allowing companies to create compelling and easy-to-use chatbot experiences for their customers. Our proven track record speaks for itself with over 11 years of sophisticated UI/UX design and forex deployment experience for millions of Fortune 500 end users. Unlike humans, bots have the ability to work 24/7 and never suffer from fatigue. An always-on customer service agent can enable organizations to resolve issues with customers as soon as they arise. Rather than having to wait for a human agent to take action after the initial customer outreach, companies can have bots be the first line of defense, improving overall customer satisfaction and churn.

  • By supplementing or, in some cases, replacing human interactions with smart bots, many customer engagements can be made available 24/7 and handled in more automated and efficient ways.
  • While a chatbot is a form of a bot, smart bots can have much broader capabilities and characteristics beyond simple conversations.
  • The use cases for smart bots have a far wider reach and implications for energy and utility companies than just the virtual assistants or chatbots.
  • They can operate as agents, simulating human tasks and activities that can range from responding to simple requests for information to handling more complex customer journeys.
  • This lowers the cost of service delivery while also putting customers in control of how and when they interact with their utility provider.
  • Think of onboarding a new customer, proactively guiding customers on smarter usage, or running a retention campaign to win back lost customers.

According to the Live Agent rest API, there are four calls to establish a connection between chatbot and live agent server. Below is the protocol to seamlessly shift between chatbot and live agent within the same chat window. Our solutions have been built to address the complex needs involved in deploying and scaling a successful localized marketing program. SOCi is the only centralized platform built for both the enterprise and local teams.

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Get out after 6 months for Consumer Support or 12 months for Employee Support, no questions asked. Guide your customers with the most robust knowledge base of banking-specific answers and intents. Display top questions, let customers ask questions, and decision trees that guide your customers through complex scenarios. Front load your live chat with SilverCloud’s Chatbot and deflect 75%+ of your live chats with a self-service tool that answers their questions. Deliver a convenient and consistent self-service experience for your customers whether they are on your website, mobile or online banking. The ability to resolve issues before they arise provides significant benefit to customers. It can lower customer abandonment rates in the purchasing cycle, reduce customer complaints, and improve the overall brand image and customer loyalty.

Nividous offered an intelligent automation solution to enable customer service operations and eliminate the client’s manual efforts by 90%. Our team has strong expertise & partnerships in the healthcare sector and our platform provides both a secure & scalable environment and the tailored logic flow to handle subject-matter content. Smartbot360 is a comprehensive AI-powered healthcare chatbot platform used by small practices and healthcare enterprises.

customer support smartbots

From day one we, at Nividous, have focused on building a unified intelligent automation platform that harnesses power of RPA, AI and BPM. These three key pillars of holistic automation are natively available within the platform.

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Before looking at the use cases for smart bots in more detail, it’s worth exploring the terms “Bots” and “Robotic Process Automation ”, both of which are prevalent in the energy and utility sector. It is also an industry that relies on a distributed and capital-intensive infrastructure that needs to be continuously monitored and maintained forex by teams of skilled field engineers and technicians. As such, customer service success for utilities is closely tied to operational performance as well as the ability to create engaging experiences for the customer. Nividous, an intelligent automation company, is passionate about enabling organizations to work at their peak efficiency.

Chatbot is one of the omnichannels features of ourSmartMessage Marketing Platform which is our all-in-one platform to orchestrate your digital marketing activities for your business. As your systems Integrator and modern business solutions partner, i promise to provide smartbot you with technology driven solutions to improve your sales revenue and customer loyalty to your business and sector. our model of engagement will give you more time to focus on your core business; facing other pressing needs for your satisfaction while we support you.

The platform enables businesses to quickly build & deploy conversational bots for various channels, domains, and industries with significantly reduced time to market. The benefits of Chatbots to businesses are lots, from enhancing service by supporting customers interaction like we would with humans to payments collections from all channels. Chatbots has been tipped to revolutionize conversational commerce in the nearest future and we are encouraging businesses to consider leveraging them as part of their wider business strategy. For personnel development and training, please fee free to invite me for your strategic Sales and Marketing development sessions.

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